“Welcome Home”

imageOn Saturday, we welcomed “Elaine” into our home for the next two months. She’s Taiwanese, is in need of some temporary housing and we have a room for just such a purpose. I wrote this post on Thursday just after the arrangements started to come together and when I reflect back on those first few hours of formulating the plans, I can’t help but be reminded of way I felt the Holy Spirit moving in my heart that day…

On my morning walk with SBJ I started a new devotional series from #shereadstruth on hospitality. I was a couple of days behind on the schedule but the quote in the post I wrote that day was from them. After reading it, I reflected on and prayed about the longing I sensed to use our home better and to be a servant. I’ve been reading the blog of a youth group acquaintance, for lack of a better word, and the Lord is using her right now in foster care. Through her words and through the Spirit’s leading, I have been feeling a growing desire to do something like that. I shared my burden with a dear friend from church who came over a few hours later for coffee. During that coffee date, Alex and received the details about Elaine and now…here we are.

She’ll be with us through the holidays and is a great cook. The rest is day-to-day and unknown. For now – welcome home Elaine. Welcome home.


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