Celebrating One Whole Year of Loving

well – our little one is one.

and blogging has taken a hiatus so that the blogger can enjoy the family that’s been in town to celebrate, go on a business trip and plan a party to actually celebrate the big birthday. {unscheduled evenings are few and far between these days}

Here’s a quick peek into our celebration.

We started at 12:01am (the time he was born) on the 2nd. Alex and I set an alarm so that we could wake up and pray over SBJ.

When SBJ woke on his birthday he wanted a bottle and thus he was officially weaned. {success!} and after reading the morning paper, I saved it and put it in his memory box.

His birthday included a trip to the park, lunch at Chick-Fil-A and presents when Alex got home. Quite proud of myself that we spend a whopping $10 on his birthday presents because of some great garage sale finds and some gift cards. That giant wrapped thing behind him a vintage Fisher Price kitchen just like I had when I was little. He loves it already!


Dinner and cake followed presents. Despite a very delicious cake (if I’m allowed to say that) SBJ was cautious and ultimately uninterested. The smile below is because he did love having Alex and I and my parents sing to him. Kid loves music.



He ultimately choose peas over cake which lead me to question whether or not he’s really my son. Could be worse though and it’s a very funny memory.IMG_4885

And then yesterday we threw a “bluethday” party for friends and neighbors. Everyone was asked to wear something blue. In all, we had about 30 people for blue themed drinks and desserts {simple, simple!!} and though we were hoping for a sunny afternoon so that we could be outside it was cloudy and a little rainy so we just had an inside party. Wii, movies, foosball and good conversation served as entertainment. On the menu blueberry lemonade, cupcakes, blueberry cheesecake bites, watermelon blueberry bites, white and blue chocolate pretzels, popcorn, and divine meringue cookies made by this lady.

IMG_4960IMG_4962  IMG_4969 IMG_4979 IMG_4981

A fun evening. A delightful year. A precious boy.


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