My little Koala


I spent Sunday driving up and back to D.C. to coordinate a small celebration for a dear friend who is expecting her second child. Though a lot of work and time in the car, planning parties keeps my mind busy and the time in the car was much needed time to think and reflect away from Williamsburg. And the fellowship and time with two of my dearest friends was…refreshing.

The friend for whom we celebrated said at one point reflecting on SBJ’s age that it was such a fun time because he’s such a perfect size to carry around. And during our tea, one of the other women in attendance said that kids at his age are like koalas because they just cling to their momma’s so easily. Others who have been through this stage, aren’t they so right? 

Loving my little koala today because he’s reached a stage in which he’s vocal and fun to play with and easy to carry around.



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