11 months – wowza

IMG_4758Before sitting down to write this post, I looked back through my other month by month posts and I hardly recognize SBJ or remember those first few months. An older woman at my church told when SBJ was just three weeks old that “they change so much in the first year” and though I could have had no idea since I’d never lived it, it’s sure true. Wowza do babies change quickly! I’m thankful that I’ve had the time and the energy to document and record so many moments of SBJ’s first year for my sake more than his…so that years from now when my mommy heart aches for days long gone, I’ll have a way to remember and to treasure.

But enough sap – at 11 months SBJ is fully mobile…crawling (for real!), cruising, climbing stairs and pulling himself up on anything he can find. He’s obsessed with balls of any kind and loves bath time. If he even hears the water running he goes nuts. His favorite foods are blueberries and goldfish crackers. We’re weaning to cow’s milk this month and so far so good on that front – as long as it’s warm he’s a happy camper. This will likely be my last month by month monthly post because even the above photo was hard to capture per the shenanigans below…welcome a little further into our world…

IMG_4765 IMG_4773 IMG_4801 IMG_4802

Additional life updates include cutting his third nap cold turkey the day that we got back from vacation and not looking back. We’re down to two very predictable naps a day. Since he likes to get up soooo early (most days I first hear him about 5:30) the first at 8:30am and the second at 1:00pm. On good days, the first one is an hour and half and the second is two to two and half hours. More teething throws us curve balls a few days here and there but most days we stick to quite a nice routine. I swear teething is the worst thing about parenting infants. Followed closely by finger nail trimming and separation anxiety. Teething Exhibit A…


I’m truly mourning the end of summer perhaps because the last month feels like an absolute blur in my mind. We had family in town one weekend and have done some house projects (mostly painting and buying furniture for our sun room) but we’re kind of just in a routine of working and playing and relaxing. Looking back, I guess we have done quite a number of things in the last month to enjoy Southern Virginia including spending time at both the York and the James Rivers in additional to a handful of visits to our local park and at least half a dozen walks in Colonial Williamsburg. All in all though it’s still a blur. Very thankful that we still have a least a few weeks of warm, sunny days ahead.

And now onto party planning…for work and for this little guy who’s GOING TO BE 1 YEAR OLD in 30 DAYS.


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