Young {Scared} and 700 Miles Away

Five years ago today, Alex and I arrived in Alexandria, VA and I walked into an apartment I had seen only in pictures. I had an internship that started the following week and the day prior I had a been the matron of honor in one of my best friend’s wedding and mid-afternoon after that wedding we backed out of parents driveway and tearfully waved goodbye. We had planned to go to another wedding in Indianapolis that evening but construction delayed us and we decided not to go and I remember that I cried through most of Northern Indiana from the sheer emotionalism of the day even though I was the one that had pushed so hard for the move. Neither Alex nor I had ever studied abroad or lived extensively and I wanted an adventure. and adventure we got. If you were to ask me if I ever thought Williamsburg would be part of the plan I would  have told you no. And if you asked me if 5 years on the East Coast would be part of the plan I would have also so no, yet here we are.

When we arrived we had been married {do the math from this post} three weeks and driving to D.C. was the longest drive of my life. We had our little RAV4 {yep, the one that just bit it} packed to the brim with the belongings we either needed before our moving truck arrived or didn’t trust in the truck and we arrived.

So many memories come flooding back when I think of those first days/weeks in Alexandria. Many that will perhaps stay with me forever. We still talk about our first trip to Walmart and how we had to rely on our Garmin to get everywhere. Our closets were packed floor to ceiling, our dinners were primarily stir-fry, our nights were spend playing Scrabble and listening to Blackhawks games, and I was constantly re-arranging our furniture in search of the best way to maximize our 800 square feet (before pinterest!). Looking back, it was faith and youth that kept the fear and uneasiness at bay {most of the time well} and sheer grace that kept our marriage together despite our penniless-ness and lack of good relationships outside of each other.

We have been blessed and I am humbled, truly humbled by the trials that we have already walked through with grace and ease because we trust and have trusted that our mighty God that ‘knows the plans he has for us’ (Jer. 29:11). Alexandria and GMU and SBJ and Williamsburg were all his plans. Praise Him.


2 thoughts on “Young {Scared} and 700 Miles Away

  1. We sure enjoy reading this history about the Vlk family of Michigan/Virginia. We pray that God will continue to bless the
    Vlk family.

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