A Long Goodbye to the White Whale

It started a little over 10 months ago and escalated to the nuclear option this week and though I always said that it’d be an incredibly sad day when it had to happen, on Friday I found myself ready, oh so ready to let it go.

The White Whale was of course, my first car – a white 2002 Toyota RAV4 that my dad and I bought over Thanksgiving break of my freshman year of college. I was walking to lunch one afternoon with my dear friend Elizabeth on our college campus and I saw it across the parking lot and named it as such.

Despite it’s weak engine, it was a workhorse of a car that moved me in and out of college 4 times and moved Alex and I to D.C. five years ago this coming week. It’s held almost the entirety of my early belongings in the 8 3/4 years that I owned it. It turned 100,000 miles on 495 in Maryland. And we were one when I drove it. But it lived outside the entire time that I owned it and…it got old and feeble (if cars can even get feeble). The shocks went bad, the breaks were going, and  a check engine sensor busted but I held onto it knowing it was my around town, errand car. We did start to talk about getting a new one and knew that our deadline was October 1 per the state inspection (if you’re not from Virginia, it’s too long of story so just don’t worry about it). Before we left town, the sunroof started leaking so it donned a tarp but we found out upon our return that in this lovely humid climate this meant that the upholstery was subject to molding. Hence my earlier reference to the nuclear option – once I knew that it had mold it waas boy voyage, adios, get this thing out of my driveway.

And so, after 10 months of holding onto a car that I loved and appreciated and had so many good memories in, we parted ways and we’ve got a new car for new memories – a 2012 gold/tan Ford Escape. And Alex already told SBJ that this is that car that will be taking him to his first t-ball game. Oh happy day.


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