An Update by Numbers

30 – the number of days that Alex has been out of school.

16 – the number of nights we’ve been away from home since Alex finished school šŸ™‚

4th – the holiday our nation celebrated a few weeks ago to mark our Independence. We decided at 11:30am to book it over to Colonial Williamsburg to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence. Oh the perks of being local! Sadly our day did not include fireworks (b/c CW does an amazing job with theirs!) but we did have a cook-out with some church friends and heard them from our front porch.

6th – the last day we spent (and will spend) in Williamsburg in the month of July.

5 – the number of days Alex served as Mr. Mom Extraordinar (in a hotel room!) while I was ran my annual Constitutional Academy.

1276 – the number of times SBJ has said the word “dog” since being at his Vlk grandparents house. He loves their dogs soooo much!

3 – the number of steps SBJ tookĀ on is own two nights ago. Alex and I were sitting outside and letting him walk between us in the grass. I let go of his hands one time and elcitedĀ 3 steps

18.5lbs/28 inches – SBJ’s weight and height at his 9 month check-up


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