Nine Months

IMG_4678our SBJ is nine months old today (history nerds unite – today’s really Independence Day…hence the flag!) and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite age yet. Most of our days our filled with fun and laughter and new discoveries. I say most because he’s still teething. He’s been teething for about 6 weeks straight. He’s got five teeth total to show for it and one more about to break the gum.

Life Notes:

  • He’s still not crawling or walking despite some very concerted efforts on the part of my sister who spent the better part of SBJ’s ninth month with us but he’s mobile enough to get what he wants.
  • He loves mealtimes and it’s been fun to see him start to recognize particular foods and he’s only met one that he really despises – broccoli.
  • His hair is now full blown curly. On Sunday for church I had it combed nice and straight before we left and in the car on the way there he twiddled it and rubbed his head on his carseat enough that you’d of thought a comb hadn’t touched it in weeks. Ai-yi-yi.
  • He’s got words…Da-da (most times with intention) and bah (ball) and dah (dog – which he emphatically proclaims when we go on walks and sees – sadly – any four-legged creature) and he’s learned to wave.
  • He’s still a cuddler. His new favorite pre-bedtime position is to be rocked with his head on my shoulder so that he has easy access to twirl my hair. Life doesn’t get much better than the moments we share like this.

What I’m Reading:
I just started reading Grace Based Parenting and though I’m just a couple of chapters in, the perspective it informs is amazing. Most of the examples so far have been about parenting teenagers, but hey – we’ll be there someday and I’ve always been a firm believer in being prepared!

And without further ado..
Please enjoy as we have, the last three months.

*it’s become a thing that Alex and I do whenever I make a new one of these to watch the previous ones (if you’d like to watch those too they’re here and here). Those too are precious moments spent together as husband and wife.


2 thoughts on “Nine Months

  1. Love the video idea! I personally think he feels that hippo is attacking him, not snuggling! Quite the little squeal! 🙂

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