Lessons from the Road

We returned mid-week from a family reunion in Michigan. My cousin graduated from high school and my mom’s family gathered to celebrate and hang out.  Since SBJ’s first trip to Michigan was unplanned this was the time that we were planning to introduce him to the Michigan family. According to Google maps it’s a 10 hour trip from Williamsburg to our suburban Detroit destination so we decided to it one day on the way there and make a stop in D.C. on our way back. Along the way I certainly learned a few lessons on the road about traveling with and 8.5 month year old.


1. Cheerios are a God-send. When he was fussy or bored I fed them to him. Pretty sure he consumed his weight in them on the drive there.


2. Scheduled bed-time goes out the window when a child who has been cooped up in  car all days get to his hotel room. We had bedtime fight/struggles/tiffs whatever you want to call them three of the five nights we were away. And though he did eventually fall asleep, playtime lasted late into the night. Thankfully he remained a happy baby despite his crazy sleep patterns!


3. Sensitive skin and car-seat naps are bad combo – especially if baby is teething. SBJ got such a bad drool rash on his chest on night that daddy had to run out to the store to get him a cream for some relief. Note to self – always bring baby Cortisone!

All in all a successful and fun trip but an eye-opener to life with a baby for sure!



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