A Day in the Life

A quick post – mostly so I remember how we spend our weekdays these days…

One thing I’m loving about this time of life is that we’re on a pretty consistent schedule varying half-hour to an hour every day but consistent and predictable as I mentioned in this post. It’s also recently occurred to me that this routine works well not only on weekdays but also on Sundays with our current church schedule. The last two Sunday’s SBJ has successfully taken his second nap at church which has made Sunday afternoon pleasant.

We wake up between 6:00 & 6:30. 
Before daylight savings time and on still sometimes on rainy days I certainly wish it was later but in reality – it’s perfect. It allows Alex to see SBJ before he heads off to work and I’ve always been a morning person. And lately, as we’ve had our constant slew of guests, these early morning hours have been my precious alone time with SBJ. We have breakfast and play.

SBJ goes down for his first nap between 7:30 & 8:00.
I shower, do my quite time, sip my coffee and clean up or catch up on emails/bills/etc.. Then I start work.

Between 8:30 & 9:00 SBJ wakes up.
He plays in my office while I work.

10:30 (I’m strict about this one) – SBJ goes down for a nap.
I keep working. On days when I have a nanny – she arrives in time to put him down for this nap.

Usually right around 12:00 SBJ wakes up.
We have lunch. We play. If it’s nice we go on a walk or SBJ takes a walk with our nanny.

1:30 (I’m equally strict about this one) – SBJ goes down for a nap.
On the best days this nap is 2 and half hours. At it’s shortest it’s an hour.

When SBJ wakes up from this nap
He’s usually up for the rest of the day. Sometimes he’ll take a catnap if we’re running errands or if he’s just worn out but in the evenings I’ve found that as long as he’s entertained, he can stay up for 3-4 hours.

7:00 (SBJ is pretty strict about this one) Bedtime.
3-4 times a week bedtime is preceded by a bath which is certainly becoming more and more fun as SBJ gets older and is starting to be more playful. Then it’s off to bed and time for Alex and I to do evening activities, clean up and enjoy each others company.

 {& repeat}


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