Catching Up

It’s always been hard for me to keep this space updated when I have family/friends in town. Enter the never-ending season of guests and I’m really struggling! A few pictures will have to suffice as memory collectors and updates as spring has rolled into full on summer and our little one continues to grow.

Alex’s parents and sister were in town and loved on SBJ for five days over Mother’s Day. Among other touristy things, one night they took me – while Alex stayed home with the babe and his grade-book – on a “Tavern Ghost Tour” of Colonial Williamsburg. My impression? LAME. Wouldn’t recommend this tour at all. I think we had a bad story-teller but it was pretty painful. After this experience, I’d say skip this if you’re coming to town! (as an aside, I think that there is another ghost tour that’s not the tavern type. The  tavern one is all modern ghost stories and I think the other is colonial)

{below, me pointing to the haunted Window at Shields Tavern}


We celebrated my birthday by going out to eat at Food for Thought as its one of my favorite local places and unlike the ghost tour a highly recommended stop on your way through town. SBJ is becoming quite a restaurant pro. Despite my early disdain for Baby Led Weaning, it’s growing on me and is already reaping dividends when we go out.


Lastly, summer is here (and so is my sister). She took this lovely picture this weekend at our church Memorial Day picnic. SBJ has recently discovered watermelon and is absolutely smitten.



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