Seasons of Blessings

I am blessed to have a number of friends with whom I maintain regular phone dates throughout the year to keep apprised of their live and their life transitions and their prayer requests. Recently – I’ve been feeling like I don’t have any interesting updates to share when we talk its kind of “same old, same old”…SBJ is growing, work is going fine for both Alex and I and we’re homeowners so a lot of time and planning is going into the house. Though I know I should I feel blessed to be a time of life when life is rather predictable and stress-free, my heart is restless and sadly often bored. Why are contentment and joy so hard to put on?

And yet, when I really pause – my heart is full of joy as there are many others in my life who are in seasons of great happiness and joy. Two friends who have waited many years to start their family’s because either they or their husband’s needed to finish school first are now expecting their first children…the two women that I look to for motherly advise, commiseration, love and support are both expecting baby #2…and I have two weddings on my calendar for this summer both of which will be incredibly joy-filled. One because it’s for a cousin who has been single for quite some time and the other because it’s between two great friends who the Lord has led together through the valleys of death.

Today I remind myself that God is faithful to accomplish his will and gracious to accomplish my dreams and I ask him to quiet my restless heart so that I can enjoy this face:



and see the beauty in the rhododendron blooming in my front window:




 “So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom” Psalm 90:12


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