Bed and Breakfast

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me well that I have a long-enduring romantic dream of owning and operating a B&B. I use to pick out properties during summer vacations in Lake Geneva, WI that I thought would make good B&B’s and draw pictures and floor plans of them at age 12. In college, I went so far as to write a marketing plan for one that included some serious research for a class project. I have a pinterest board called “my B&B” and have continued to talk about doing it since moving to Williamsburg. If ever there was a place to operate one, it’s here. Recently I even called and got a spec sheet on one that’s for sale locally. 

I’m still not ready to commit to that dream yet, but maybe someday.

In the meantime, I’m going to focus on getting lots of practice with our newly updated guest suite. This room and bath are in the top 5 things I love about our house and we’ve finally gotten around to getting it painted and decorated to fit in with the rest of the house. I recently saw this pin on pinterest and was inspired to bring teal into the room. It totally feels unified with the rest of the house as that’s a prominent color in our master bedroom and in the nursery – you can check those rooms out here. It could still use a rug and a more permentant fixture between the closets, but it’s soooo much better than what it use to be!




We’ve just come out of April which brought us week-long visit from Alex’s college roommate, a childhood friend of mine and her husband, a D.C. friend and her husband, my parents, and my aunt and uncle. May will bring Alex’s parents and his sister, friends from Northern VA and my sister, and June is set to bring more friends from D.C.

Any body else want to make a reservation? 🙂


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