Seven Months

IMG_4569 I smile all the time. How could you not when you get to look at this face all day?

Month seven has brought us springtime, Alex’s spring break and lots of visitors including my parents. Thanks to their help, SBJ now has an outdoor swing to enjoy and I really think he could be in it for hours. IMG_0834

Other notable things about month seven is that SBJ now has TWO teeth poking up


and he can scoot backwards or around in a circle indefinitely but he hasn’t quite figured out how to move forward which, of course, leads to lots of frustration. His favorite toy as of late is a clear plastic solo cup – yep, you heard me – and his favorite food without a doubt is yogurt. I’ve been buying YoBaby single serving cups and he just gobbles them up.

People say he’s looking more and more like me – which I hope is a good thing. One things for sure, he has curly hair!

In closing, cheers month seven, you’ve been great!


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