Half A Year Old

IMG_4477like most {all?} mama’s who hit this milestone I find myself amazed that we’re already here but SBJ gets more loveable and more adorable by the day so we’re rolling with it. literally, he’s rolling like a crazy and sleeping on his stomach.

Speaking of milestones we hit another developmental one this month – SBJ is now able to sit for an extended amount of time on his own. He still teeters every once in a while but is getting stronger by the day.

Month six has been fun because we’re starting to see his little personality come out – he’s a determined little thing and he is a cuddler. My sister spent a week of it with us and (among other things) SBJ took his first trip to the zoo while she was here. And finally, spring has sprung in Williamsburg so he’s been enjoying lots of walks these last few days.

Notable things about month six:
our schedule finally feels pretty regular. Eating and sleeping have become predictable and most days we’ve got a nice rhythm. Still no teeth though I keep thinking they’re going to pop out any day!
Favorite things: Johnny Jump-Up and our floor mat (like this one) to keep him from bumping his head on our wood floors. Both are invaluable as I continue to work from home and care for him.
What I’m reading: I read Baby Led Weaning because I wanted information on how to help SBJ feed himself and I have to say I wasn’t impressed with the book. It was repetitive and preachy and not all that practical. I get the strategy but the book didn’t convince me it’s the way to go nor did it help me understand how to actually do it.
Mommy Mantra this month: “The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time”. I’ve long loved this James Taylor song and have found it’s words to ring especially true these last months as SBJ continues to learn and grow. Parenthood is a lovely ride and I’m truly trying to enjoy the passing of time.


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