Adding Interest in Our Hallway

A few quick pictures of a recent home dec project that spruced up our previously super boring bedroom hallway that you see as soon as you walk in our front door. It was a relatively cheap endeavor {details on that below} and I’m liking the mix of shapes and the eclectic yet subdued feel.

My inspiration started here: and here’s the final product – for now at least. {I’m already thinking about ways to change out the prints for various seasons}


And here it is piece by piece with details on prices –



Frame and mat (already had both) & flower print (bought 5 for $5 from this Etsy store)


large frame – $5 at goodwill; framed fabric – $10 at Joann’s. I bought more than I needed so this could have been cheaper, I just wanted to make sure that I got a good piece to frame.
mirror – part of a 3 pack that I bought at Target for $30.
gold frame – bought at a garage sale – $1; print came in the same Etsy set.


Finally, two more mirrors from the Target set. 3 more frames from either Goodwill or ReStore – additional $5, another Etsy print, a free print I found on Google images, and a $5 boxwood wreath from a local floral and home decor store.

Total Cost: ~$60


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