Line ‘Em Up…Cloth Diapers Six Months In

IMG_4469whenever I line dry my Bumgenius cloth diapers I can’t help but think of this song.

SBJ will be six months old in a little over a week (be still my heart!) and I’m still using my cloth diapers and loving them.

Favorite parts: no stuffing or folding – the whole thing in the wash and I love the colors…they make it less of a chore!
Condition: They’re still in almost mint condition and I haven’t broken any of the snaps. (one did come with a broken snap but I just don’t use that one).
Caring for them: I have 15 of them so I do a load of diaper laundry every-other day. I’ve been using Charlie’s Laundry Powder and have gone through a can and 1/3. We also recently had help installing a toilet sprayer which has been incredible helpful. Our is the simple version ($20) and it’s working just fine. No need to buy the super expense ones!
Travel & Usage: The four times that we’ve been away from home overnight since SBJ was born, I’ve opted to buy disposable diapers over trying to travel with them. But other than that – they’ve been used constantly since he was about 3 weeks old. (we used newborn sized disposables for the first few weeks until he fit into the cloth). In addition, I’ve just asked that sitters and anyone who watches him in a nursery setting use them and so far so good!
Recommendation to those considering cloth: do it if your work/care situation allows you too. You save money & time & it’s not as scary or gross as it might sound!




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