Language and Kiddos

I’ve always been fascinated by the process by which children learn language. So much so that I’ve actually contemplated undertaking a master’s degree or at least finding some education outlet by which to actually learn about it in a formal way.

Even without reading extensive case studies, I recognize that SBJ and other little people learn language from those from whom they hear it. And though he’s just over five months old – SBJ is very vocal and is most definitely trying to imitate or mimic talking. And so it’s to that end that I try to talk to him a lot. When we’re doing routine things like getting dressed and eating and when we’re playing I make up stories for him and read him books. I consider these times “good language” time. He’s learning vocabulary and hearing inflection and the like…but I recognize that there are also times of “bad language” in our home and it’s those time that I want to eliminate. Because I’m under the impression that what’s not said to SBJ is just as important as what is.

By “bad language” I mean those foul words that crept into my vocabulary sometime around middle school age those that are the “lesser” versions of curse words but are still derogatory toward others or describe things in relation to the toilet…you know what I mean. A few months back Alex and I realized that we actually say these things a lot and we started to make a concerted effort to not say them for the sake of SBJ so that his language is clean and up-lifting and frankly, polite.

I imagine those of you that have little ones have had similar thoughts…here’s hoping it’s for his good, but recognizing that eventually he like I will probably find “bad language” in his vocabulary as I did.


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