SBJ @ 5 months


The last month has been FULL of firsts. Some that have already been documented – first solid food and first plane ride – and others that have not including his first time rolling over from stomach to back and then about a week and half later from back to stomach. He loves the of his own voice and is quite a loud thing despite his size. We’re definitely going to have to work on learning what an inside voice is.

Naps are totally unpredictable right now (though he is sleeping just fine through the night!) and perhaps it’s because of his new-found skill of rolling over. I think at some point during the day, every day for the last week, I’ve found him more-or-less wedged in the corner of his crib on his belly and not knowing what to do about it.

We’ve said good-bye completely to the pacifier as part of our sleep routine and we’ve also said goodbye to the SwaddleMe blankets. I’ve switched to using sleep sacks – like this one – and he’s taken to them well. I like that they slightly restrain him, give him a sense of comfort, and allow us to still have that marker that it’s time for a nap. Additional niceties are that he can still have a blanket to hold on to while he sleeps and that I know they’re not going to get in his way if he’s rolling around.

His hair continues to become a lighter and lighter shade of blonde. Alex and I always joked [and to be honest dreamed about having] that we would have pale, blonde, blue-eyed children. So far that is so accurate and frankly amazing considering how dark his hair was when he was born! Check it out here.


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