Solids – Life Just Got A Lot More Complicated


JCV the night that he ate his first solids!









(I think I’m learning that I have anxiety about things until I’ve done them once and am confident that I can do them again or at least have my expectations better informed from the first time around. See my recent post about air travel.)

When SBJ went for his 4 month doctor’s check up, I was told that because he’s a big baby and we’re doing traditional feeding, we’d both be helped by the addition of solids to his diet. The doctor encouraged me to add solids to two feedings a day and to slowly add things into his food arsenal. I left the doctor’s office feeling overwhelmed. Feeding had been so easy up to this point and required no planning. Now we were going to have to plan ahead. (yes, I love planning things, I do it for a living, but this was and is still so unknown!). For now, I’ve decided it’s easiest to feed him while I eat breakfast and while Alex and I eat dinner unless we have plans for dinner or are having people over, then he eats by alone. Needless to say, it’s gotten us back in the habit of eating at the table and not in the family room!

In addition, before he was born I decided I wanted to make my own baby food since I’m convinced it’s healthier and better for baby. No preservatives, no unnatural sugar, and organic when I can find it. Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of nights in my kitchen recently (after SBJ is asleep) using this book, my food processor, a Baby Bullet that was so kindly given to me as a gift, and lots of freshbaby ice cube trays and little Tupperware containers. I’m proud to say that SBJ has been eating solids for almost a three weeks now and we have yet to buy a can of baby food though we do use a pre-made organic rice cereal.

I’m hopeful that we’ll keep up the making of our own food (though it certainly is a lot of work!) through the time when we’re ready to start him on table food in two-three months.

{and no SBJ did not eat a Chipotle burrito nor has he had any Tabasco sauce. He just has a silly daddy}


One thought on “Solids – Life Just Got A Lot More Complicated

  1. Way to go, SBJ! How exciting that you’re introducing new foods to his diet and that he’s handling them so well! And, I’m glad you’re getting a lot of use out of the Baby Bullet. 😉

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