things I’m loving lately

IMG_0638[1]SBJ has blossomed. (can you say that about a boy?!?) Since we returned from Illinois he’s started cooing and babbling all the time, has learned to turn his head side-to side when laying down, is itching to roll-over and is holding his head up like nobody’s business.

I definitely didn’t know that weeks 14-16 would be full of new things to love about him. Even though his gummy smiles still melt my heart, there are two things yet better. One of the best parts of my day is when we “sing” together. I’ve been singing him a song every time I put him to sleep since he’s been born and in the last few weeks, he’s started to “sing” with me. It’s precious. It mostly happens at night when he’s going down for the night and it’s just melodic babble but if I stop singing, he stops singing and looks at me with confusion until I start again. Did I mention that it’s precious?

The second thing, I’ll let you see for yourself…

Giggles from Laura Vlk on Vimeo.


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