SBJ @ 3 months


SBJ turned three months old in Illinois {hence the delay in this post}. He’s adorably chunky in the arms and thighs and is a smiling, cooing, bubble blowing, little thing. Month three was a blast and SBJ was an absolute champ.

We spent  almost half of it in the mid-west because Alex was off of work for Christmas break (being a teacher has serious perks!). Over the 30+ hours in the car there and back, I think SBJ cried for 10 minutes and despite being passed around to over 45 family members and friends he didn’t once get over-stimulated to the point of tears nor did he get sick (happy, HAPPY mama!). And he got to rock his snowsuit while he experienced his first Chicago winter.

He even was awake for both of our Christmas mornings though he slept right through our New Years’ Eve party 🙂

Quick Stats: 
Weight: ~16 lbs.
Length: 26 inches
Life Notes: Nighttime sleep is getting longer! Our record long to date is 6 hours without a feed. He’s moving his head around a ton, make all kinds of fun noises and blowing bubbles all day long. He’s still not a huge fan of tummy-time unless he can find his fist to suck on.
What I’m reading: This month I finished up Mommy Time: 90 devotionals for New Moms. I totally, totally recommend it for all first time mama’s. I especially loved the first few weeks of devotionals as they were great at checking and informing my perspective. I often felt like I was talking to a friend when I was reading them because of the tone in which she wrote. Additionally, (and I’m sure other mama’s can relate) I love hearing about other moms and their babies so I really liked that she integrated snippets of her first few weeks with her son. I’ve also been reading Shaping a Christian Family by Elizabeth Elliott since September and am just about done. I’ve found it difficult to read more than a chapter at a time (as it’s basically a memoir) but the principles she talks about are amazing – things like how to get you kids to trust and respect you and be entrepreneurial and self-sufficient with a different perspective than what I often see on other mommy-blogs. I’d recommend it, just know that it’s a deep book that doesn’t contain a step-by-step list as much as it’s just food for thought and for personal reflection!


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