SBJ @ two months. getting the hang of things.

IMG_2015SBJ is two months old today! And time doesn’t really feel like it’s flying so I’m thankful for that. Perhaps it’s because we had some good family time in the last month because Alex was off of work for Veteran’s Day and for a 2 1/2 days for Thanksgiving; perhaps its because I’m able to be around him during the day because of my work situation; perhaps its because we’re just doing a good job treasuring. Either way, this has been a nice month. We’re getting the hang of this whole baby thing and enjoying life as a family of three.

Quick Stats:
Weight: 13 lbs. 1 oz.
Length: 23 inches
Life Notes: Naps have been hard recently. He’s reluctant to go down and has a hard time getting back to sleep at the end of his sleep cycle (~45 minutes). I’ve found that I can often get him back to sleep by rocking him, but not always. He’s awake longer during the days and is almost always a happy, cooing, and smiling babe.
Sleep: Our nighttime sleep is in four hour stretches and pretty consistent.
Sickness: Thankfully so far, we’ve mostly avoided sickness. We had a day where he had an eye infection it cleared up quickly with a little topical eye medicine.
What I’m Reading: This month I read Secrets of the Baby Whisperer (SOTBW) and picked up some good tips. It’s definitely on my recommended reading for new mamas. I had read On Becoming Baby Wise before SBJ was born and found it to be a good foundation, but it set me up to have un-realistic expectations. In the beginning SBJ flirted with being a by the book baby but now wake-times each day are different and maintaining the exact same schedule is too hard for us. So I found SOTBW to be a really helpful read to kind of fill in the gaps. And I think I would totally recommend it for reading between months 1 & 2 because at this point I know SBJ more than I did when he was first born and the things she writes about are much more practical now. I love her list of baby cues and cry interpretations and really enjoyed reading the scenarios of families with which she’s worked.
Milestones: He’s learned to smile and is sometimes waking up happy. And he has great head control when he’s held upright.
Favorite Baby Thing: Our SwaddleMe blankets. These things are amazing at calming him down and getting him ready for sleep. 



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