Weeks 2 & 3 – life’s a happy blur

SBJ is now more than three weeks old, my maternity leave is more than half-way over, and my parents left yesterday so we’re on our own with the little guy. The last two weeks have been full of visitors and diaper changes and baby acne. Thankfully the later is the only one that seems to be going away.

Uncle David, Aunt Michelle, and Great Aunt Donna have now all been able to meet the babe and it was great to spend some time catching up with them. Thankful for their company throughout the days they were able to be here over Columbus Day weekend and Michelle’s fall break respectively. SBJ was a great sport and a generally happy baby during their stays.




Three week synopsis:  1) He’s still a good sleeper at night. We got him to sleep on his back in his crib on night four and haven’t needed the car seat since then. He’s good about just waking up to eat and then going right back to sleep. He’s just went through his 3-week growth spurt which made for more frequent feedings but it’s didn’t throw off his sleep, and for that we are so thankful!
2) He loves having something in his mouth – be it his hands or his pacifier. (As an aside – I never thought I’d be a pacifier mom, but he clearly needs it and doesn’t seem dependent on it to fall asleep so I’m riding it out).
3) He loves being warm and we’ve constantly got him swaddled in at least one blanket and sometimes as many as three.
4) He is growing!! I can tell, especially when I throw him over my  shoulder to burp him, that he is gaining weight. It’s most noticeable in his cheeks, arms, and thighs.

– 1 week –


– 2 weeks –


– 3 weeks –



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