Postpartum – Week 1

The last week has been filled with so much joy and so little stress. God continues to be kind to us.

Unbeknownst to Alex and I, as we were making our way toward the hospital and I was starting real labor on the evening of the 1st, my parents finished dinner, packed their own bags and started driving to Virginia. We found out at about 6am that they were in Breezewood, PA and would be at the hospital by 12pm on SBJ’s birthday. They were actually thinking that they might be at the hospital before he made his entrance into the world (and my dad was driving fast enough that he got pulled over – off with a warning when he explained the situation – in Northern Indiana).


Our hospital visitors included a number of friends from church and over the weekend other friends and neighbors trickled in to meet the babe.

We left the hospital around 12:30pm on Friday the 4th and made our way home.


He slept a long time after coming home from the hospital but woke up around 7pm and was on and off awake until we finally got him to sleep at 4am. Needless to say it was a frustrating night for both Alex and I, but he slept for 5 straight hours the next night and then he slept through most of his first Bears’ game but looked adorable (they lost anyway!).


My parents have been here playing an amazing supportive role helping with things around the house, cooking, etc. and though I’m tired, I’m not fatigued and looking at this little face all day is enough to keep anybody smiling.



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