First Pregnancy Q&A

IMG_1706_1This pregnancy has been in a word – easy. And I’m so thankful for that. I have many, many friends who’ve had it so much worse and have had serious complications and for whatever reason, I’ve been spared. The home stretch is probably my least favorite part so far and the most symptomatic – heart burn, swollen feet, and trouble sleeping but given how blissful life has been the last eight months, I’ll take it.

FAQ’s at this point in life are running the gamut, but here’s a few of the most common.

Pregnancy Related…

Cravings? Honestly, nothing. That’s been the case the entire time. I have a sweet tooth and always have but nothing weird or out of the ordinary.

Babymoon? Maternity Pics? We opted to do neither. Partially because we bought a house this summer and partially because we spent some good time away from home this summer in Illinois and in D.C.  And maternity pictures just weren’t appealing to me. Pretty much because I’m not sure what I’d do with them once I had them. I did have Alex take the picture above for a game a one of my showers so there is at least a little evidence of how big my bump is.

Birth Plans…

Natural Birth, Scheduled, C-Section? Planning to go natural and just see what happens. Not opposed to the drugs if I need them but not going in planning to rely on them. And not planning an induction or c-section date. We’ll just let the little guy come on his own time.

General Baby Questions…

Do We Have a Name Picked Out? Yep. We’ll reveal it at birth but if you’re really curious you we’ve let out a few clues.

Nursery theme? Whales. Colors? Lime green, navy blue and orange. You can see a picture here.


Breastfeeding or Formula?  Planning on the former, hoping that we’re able to figure it out. There are so many health benefits and it’s so much cheaper!

Cloth or disposable diapers? Cloth. Again, it’s a cost saving thing and although I’m not a green-girl, it does seem better for the environment. Plus our set-up is pretty ideal. We have a utility sink in our laundry room and modern cloth diapers are pretty amazing things. We’ll still do disposables when we’re going out and perhaps overnight later on, but for now I’m looking forward to joining the cloth diaper ranks.

Thing I’m most looking forward to postpartum? In no particular order, going on a long run, being able to lay on my stomach, and a glass of Pinot Grigio.


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