The New Abode – Part 1


On July 31st, we entered a growing number of friends and became homeowners. The reality is still sinking in and the work that needs to be done still seems endless but we’re thrilled and already enjoying the many good things that come with owning a home. Alex can frequently be heard yelling “I can be as loud as I want!” in the hallways and picking out paint colors, having new spaces to decorate, and getting excited to bring our little one home to his house is invigorating.

A little background on the house itself before we dive into the pictures of where we’re at right now with renovations, painting, and decorating. It’s the very first house we looked at. It was built in 1954 (older than any of our parents) and has some absolutely charming features and some down-right not charming ones. It’s a ranch and is just shy of 3,000 square feet (needless to say it feels HUGE to us). It has four bedrooms, three full baths, a bonus room (no closet) and three living spaces. It’s sits on about half an acre and has some really old trees on the property. The backyard runs the length of the house and is naturally hedged from the neighbors.

The first room you see when you come into the house is the living room. Here it is in it’s natural state.
Things we love: those built-ins surrounding the fireplace and if you look closely in the background you can see cupboards in what will be the dining space. And the beautiful hardwood floor – it’s all over the house and in great condition.
Things we’re not so keen on: the dated fireplace and giant mirror. Renovation plans in process.


Immediately off the living room and through the door you see above is the kitchen. We painted the ceiling yellow (Sherwin Williams Daffodil) and are pleased with how it brightens the space and coordinates with our appliances without being too much yellow.
Other things we’re loving: the fabulous, original cabinets and modern appliances. They all came with the house which was an incredible blessing.
Reno plans for this room include replacing the linoleum floor with tile and adding an island and/or breakfast nook.


If you follow the kitchen around the left you get to what will be the family room. Our more informal, TV watching space.  It’s currently Alex’s least favorite room because it’s pretty gross. The most I can say here is stay tuned for our plans to be revealed. This first picture is what it looked like the day we looked at the house.


The week we moved in, we rented a carpet cleaner to see if we could get the smell of dog and urine out of the carpet but it didn’t work. So the carpet got ripped up and this is what the room looks like right now. It needs a good coat of painting, carpeting obviously, and some additional love. We’ll get there.


Back through the kitchen and to the right will get you into living space number three – the four seasons room. It’s just a long porch that has tons of windows and full H/VAC.  It’s sparse right now but we’re planning to get some furniture that makes more of a statement and even (gulp!) build a bar at the far end.


Right off of this room, there is a small porch that’ll get you out to the backyard.  We envision a prettier version of the existing structure and lots of playtime and parties in the yard.



Next time: the other wing of the house which includes the bedrooms, bathrooms, nursery, and office.


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