Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Last Memorial Day, my dear, dear friend came to D.C. to visit…this Memorial Day, my dear, dear sister came to visit. Both visits were such a blessing.


Since she’s been to Williamsburg before, our weekend was primarily spent getting pedicures, shopping, and doing baby crafts with brief interludes spent at our church picnic on Sunday afternoon and watching the new Arrested Development season and the NHL playoffs. It was a cool weekend in Williamsburg so no pool time, but at least our toes are summer ready…



and the baby’s room is coming together.  Here’s a sneak peak of my decorating plans!


The most exciting part of our weekend (ok my weekend, won’t speak for her) was finding the exact stroller set and carset that I wanted for $100 (savings: $300!!) at Sugar and Spice Williamsburg’s baby consignment shop. Alex found a rare Lego set at the same store and we think we may be able to make some money selling it. All in all, it’s a great shop and I plan to spend more time and money there in the future!



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