It’s a Rodeo Y’all!

My parents were in town for the last few days and among other more Williamsburg-esque things, we spent Saturday evening at a rodeo in New Kent at Colonial Downs. If you know my parents, or even Alex and I frankly, this is rather comical – but we had a a good time and it was super-entertaining.

A few notes for those of you (and words to myself to remember if we decided to return) who may think of venturing out next year –
#1) the food was awful. Like beyond bad and expensive. So eat before you go and just get funnel cake and popcorn once there. (Aside: I don’t think it was the traditional downs food because the menus were different).
#2) check the weather and dress for it! It’s been cool the last few weeks but there’s not much to block the wind so take a jacket!
#3) for the rodeo there wasn’t reserved grandstand seating so we could pay the cheap ticket price and still sit up there which was nice
#4) (if you’re rodeo illiterate like us) research rodeos before you go so that you know what the objective of each event is. We felt like we had to wait until someone successfully completed their objective before we knew what said objective was.

All in all, fun though. And unique. And the Downs is a great facility!





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