first birthday celebration in W-burg

Last Friday was Alex’s birthday.

Birthdays are kind of a big deal to me and since it’s the first birthday since we’ve been married that he’s been working, I tried to make it extra special. (Because working on your birthday isn’t really all that fun). I  brought him lunch at school Chic-Fil-A, cupcakes, and a little Lego set. The fries were definitely cold by the time I arrived (#ferryfail) but he was surprised…

…which is good because I was unsuccessful in pulling off the real surprise of the day – dinner with friends at a new restaurant (to us). I cracked and told him earlier in the week that it wouldn’t just be the two of us at dinner when he asked. (I have a bad poker face.) The restaurant was called Second Street and it was really good! Probably our new second favorite restaurant in Williamsburg – Food for Thought still holding out as #1.



So thankful for these friends, even though we’ve only known most of them two or so months, they’re a great blessing and a welcome addition to life in Williamsburg. After dinner it was back to our place for a video game tournament (for the guys) and more cupcakes. Getting older isn’t always so bad!



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