I’m not good with plants. In fact, I’m like really bad with them. So this year I’m trying again and we’ll see how it goes.


I’m trying both flowers and herbs. The flowers I’ve grown from seeds that I actually picked up at Wal-Mart, they’re a wildflower mix so my expectations are low even though they’ve come up well up to this point. We do a few blooms but they’re on a miniature rose plant that my mom gave us for Easter. I’m also trying to grow basil though that’s slow going.


The rest of the herbs (mint, cilantro, oregano and lemon grass) are either from my aunt or from an Amish farm.

And of course, we’re also growing a little one so here’s the little glimpse of that too. I’m so thankful that I got through my first trimester virtually problem free. No nausea or sickness at all. Just some acne flair-ups and sensitivity to smells.





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