Love, love, love this holiday! It such a glorious celebration in the lives of those who know Christ as Savior. The last two years we’ve spend the holiday weekend with my aunt and uncle in Maryland but this year they’re in Australia (and celebrated Easter some 16 hours ahead of us or something crazy like that) so we were on our own and decided to have friends over for brunch.

{no food pictures, forgot to get any of those – just one of the pretty flowers that I found a Trader Joe’s yesterday. They turned out to be the brightest spot in the house today since the weather was rainy and overcast}

We had two new couple friends over that we’ve gotten to know since January (such a blessing to have new friends) and even though they didn’t know each other before today, we had a great time eating and laughing together.

“Ours the cross, the grave, the skies…Ah-ah-ah-ah-le-lu-ia!”

PS – one Easter tradition we will not be continuing, resurrections rolls…they made an absolute mess in my oven and just weren’t as good as a cinnamon roll.


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