Laptops, Changes, and Fall (again)

Let’s start with laptops. Today I am giving up my college laptop and although it’s no where compares to giving up a child, since I don’t have one I kinda feel like I’m giving up my first one today. This little computer has been with me for  looooong time and purging it of it’s pictures, documents, bookmarks, and music yesterday has sure been a trip down memory lane. A glimpse into 18-year old Laura, and 20-year old Laura, and even 24-year old Laura that was enlightening and challenging and quite nostalgic.

Speaking of nostalgia – I got pretty emotional two weeks ago when I was on my weekly drive to Arlington. The fall foliage up and down I-95 was gorgeous and I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to spend so much time driving through it this fall. I can say that this summer girl, though cold, appreciates the beauty of this season and I was able to revel in this year due to my work situation. But back to nostalgia – I was sad that my days coming up to Northern Virginia were winding down and in fact almost over and that it really seemed like that chapter of life was drawing to a close and it hit me hard two weeks ago. Thankfully a call from a Williamsburg friend snapped me out of it (isn’t it funny how God works sometimes) and ubber-thankfully my days working in Northern VA are not numbered yet because….and here’s my last point today – I’ve changed employers back to BRI and I will be starting back with them at the beginning of December.

So, even though my resume is going to look a little funny with all of the bouncing around, I am thrilled to be back among friends, using my talents and advancing a mission that I love. And with that I welcome November and the rest that Fall has to offer.

For liberty, kids and the Constitution (again!),



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