Our Quest – the Best Breakfast Place in Williamsburg

We are on a quest to find the best breakfast place in a land that is saturated with Pancake and Waffle House and tons of restaurants trying to make money of the tourists.

This weekend we visited the Astronomical Pancake House where the pancakes, true to the name were H-U-G-E – as big as the plates they were served on. I had the Cinnamon Pancakes which were pretty much a cinnamon roll in pancake form. They were delicious. Alex had the Western Omelette and found it fluffy. With it he got a number of sides making both of meals out-of-this-world in size. Our server was super friendly and very attentive.

Overall recommendation – Recommend. This is a spot that we will return to with guests.

Now you may be asking yourself what other restaurants/diners are else is on the list? Well so you don’t have to sit on the edge of your seat, here’s it is with notes about where we’ve been so far. As you can see we’ve got quite a journey ahead of ourselves. Hopefully we don’t become diabetics before we finish!

Mama Steve’s – this place was just weird. The servers are in colonial costume and we got a table in the back and we felt like they were watching us eat. I got blueberry pancakes and found that the food was nothing spectacular. Overall recommendation: With so many options to choose from, this place isn’t worth your time.
Honeybutters – even though we were one of two tables in the place, we got terrible service! Alex specifically asked for no cheese his omelette and yet he got cheese in it. Their “famous French toast” was made on sourdough and just wasn’t well enough done to be famous. Overall recommendation: Don’t go to Honeybutters!
Five Forks Diner– we found this small little diner to be incredibly busy even at 9:30am when we arrived. We got a table near the door and even though they were understaffed, our server was extremely attentive. I ordered the banana pecan pancakes and actually said to Alex “I could see myself craving these”. Alex was really pleased with their eggs and hash and we found their portion sizes to be manageable but not overbearing. Overall recommendation: Topping the list right now, this place was great and totally worth the trek from tourist land!
Astronomical Pancake House
Colonial Pancake House
National Pancake House
Gazaebo House of Pancakes
Old Mill House of Pancakes
Candle Light Kitchen
Old Chickhomony House
Hot Stocks Restaurant
Blue Talon Bistro


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