The Graduate – Part 2

me & the graduate. so proud!

We were in Illinois last weekend for my little sister’s high school graduation. She’s the last one of my siblings to graduate from high school so it was kind of a big deal. So we clapped really quickly and she laughed on stage, but she did it! And a heartfelt congrats to her!

commemorating 11 years of Kelley kids at WA

Plus she’s kind of a big deal. I love her dearly, appreciate her sincerely, admire her creativity, style, and poise, and I love her laugh. Congrats to her  again, I don’t feel like I can say that enough. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does with her life in the next phase of it because I trust that it’s going to be spectacular.

all the family that came out to celebrate

It was a really fun weekend FILLED with family and friend and family -friend time. Made me miss Illinois a little more than I have in a while. But, we’ve got some news that we’ll keep hush-hush for now that might bring us back at least to WA in the very near future.


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