My Commute & It’s Mockery

I wrote this up as an entry to a radio contest about bad commutes – of which there are many in the D.C. area. Here’s a look at the frustrations I have with mine.

People do crazy things all the time for love, so I know I’m not unique, but hopefully I offer a unique enough perspective to me considered. I feel like I get mocked everyday on my commute for love. I say this because I commute the 10 miles up 395 from the Landmark area of Alexandria to the Courthouse area of Arlington. It usually takes at least 25 minutes and on bad days upwards of 45 minutes – average speed somewhere in the low 20’s. All the while, mocking me are the HOV lanes in which colleagues in hybrids, those on motorcycles, and those who are lucky enough to have found 2 other passengers zoom by at 70 miles an hour…mocking, mocking, mocking.

The worst part is that on the couple of days a week when my husband commutes in with me or I pick-up my friend – I still don’t get to take the HOV lanes because the 395 HOV lanes are the only ones in the whole metro area that require 3 persons in the car for entry.

Lucky for me, the mocking doesn’t end once I’m off 395 and onto 50 via Washington Blvd. though. No – after I’ve waited in line to exit onto Washington Blvd. and then subsequently from 50 onto North Courthouse Road in Arlington, my office building gleams at me from the bottom of the hill at which I sit waiting on the three lights that are miserably short and the streets that are filled with pedestrians crossing on their own way into work. Though it’s less than a mile, the stretch from the bottom of the hill takes at least 6 minutes everyday because of these factors. All the while, I am mocked by the building in which I do work that I love, and many a time have considered that it would take me less time to walk up the hill than wait on all of the lights and the pedestrians.


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