white house tour –> musings & dreams

This morning my aunt and I got up early, drove into the D.C., and took a self-guided White House tour. We were able to view most of the rooms on the two state floors and see the beautiful view of the Elipse and the Jefferson from the windows.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was surprised at how formal the decor was.  I was struck by the combination of Italian style mansion and Mt. Vernon style color and upholstery. I’m fascinated that this 18th century style of regal, refined, and ornate draperies, molding, and upholstery is still with us today in the most famous residence in our country, particularly that state entertainment is conducting in these old feeling spaces.

Today – I was a tourist in jeans and flip flops but maybe someday I’ll return as a guest or even better yet in an event planning capacity wearing something more appropriate for the decor of the state floors. Some quick calculation in the State Dining Room got me within one table of the maximum number of tables they can seat in it – a fact I was pretty proud of – so maybe there’s hope.

Here’s to coming back – in heels and in style!


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