lions & rainbows & babies & arks

This weekend it was my joy and great pleasure to co-host a shower for a dear friend who is having her first child in June. The party theme we chose was Noah’s Ark because she and her husband have decided not to find out the gender of their baby in advance.  I found the super-cute plates below at Party City and took my color inspiration from them. The stripes on the table are pieces of scrapbook paper.


Our menu was also bright colors and included fruit skewers, this awesome mango quinoa, funfetti cake, quiche, meatballs, tea sandwiches, and monkey and banana bread to go with the theme.

As for decorations, my co-host made this super-cool rainbow and found these cute rainbow lanterns. And we had Baby Noah on the TV to top it off.

 The shower was a lot a fun and I believe that this friend got items she needed and after spending so much of her energy reaching out to and creating friendships with so many of the women of our church was able to see how much she means to our community.

One last picture from the day. The ladies below are the dear women of the married small group Alex and I joined six months after moving to D.C. It’s been 2.5 years since we first met and it’s amazing to see the ways that we’ve grown individually, the ways that our families have changed and the things that we’ve faced as families. Through all – God is faithful and I think that this picture is wonderful testimony to that fact.


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