Alex’s Epic Birthday.

[UPDATE: It feels like March  just flew by! I worked a lot of weekends and we had a week-long house guest (a college roommate of mine, great fun!) so that probably had something to do with it feeling like a short month. It’s now half-way through April and we’re still not really sure about next steps for us – where Alex is headed after he finishes up school and where we’ll be living this time next year are still unknown. We’re learning a lot about trusting God and being content and although there have been some struggle and tears along the way, we have found that his word brings peace and that we are able to rest in his current kindnesses and look backwards to his previous provisions and know that even if the future isn’t known – our God is and HE IS GOOD.]

And now for the fun showing how we celebrated Alex’s birthday – Star Wars style. We had some friends over for “han”burgers, watched the first two (IV, V) movies and attempted to play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (Alex’s gift from me). And yes, that is a Death Star Pinata – complete with a tractor beam that is destroying Alderon. 


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