Yesterday, 3/16 was an important day for us. It’s the anniversary of our first date to Medieval  Times in Schamburg, IL freshman year of high school for Sadie Hawkins – 10, yes that’s right, 10 years ago. Not as an intentional celebration – but as fun date day – we went to see the Wheaton Academy Concert Choir perform at the National Shrine of the Basilica and then went out to lunch.

March has been eventful so far – it’s been super warm and spring is coming early to D.C. We’re celebrating with a new wreath on our door – this one costing no money, just re-purposing things I had on hand.

I’ve been working a lot, but in the midst of it have found time to see my sister twice while her choir was on tour and train for a half-marathon which I successfully ran this morning. Yay! (pictures to come). Finally, we’ve renewed our lease, so perhaps we’ll be in 307 for at least another year…but time will tell.



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