Half way through February already – wow!


We got a touch of snow on the 4th, the first Sunday of the month but it had all melted by the time we got out of church. It was really the first and only snow that we’ve had all winter, which is a little bit pathetic but not disheartening. Being Southern has its perks, and after surviving our first winter here and Snowmagden, I’ll happily take just a dusting.


In my last post I spoke of how God providing for us so well with this apartment. The flowers above, represent $5,152 and a story that highlights this theme again. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to “He Provides” because it is seriously the theme of our life. When we first moved to D.C. on an intern salary and newly married – we had to replace the transmission in our car. At the time, the internet told me that lots of people with our model year – 2002 Toyota RAV4 – were also having to replace theirs. It was a hefty sum – $5,152 to be exact. Ultimately, we paid it out of our investment account and had to take a small loan from my dad. And up until this summer, I’d largely forgotten about it.

But in July – we received a letter that a class was being formed to sue Toyota for faulty manufacturing and that we could be a part of it if we submitted our receipts and title. I did and expected I wouldn’t hear from the lawyers again for a least a few years. BUT…last Monday, I opened the mailbox and found a check for $5,152. Wow. Go God. Can’t think of a much better way to start my week than that. I told Alex the good news and he bought these lovely yellow flowers to celebrate.

ImageFinally, this picture is bad quality, but Pinterest has interested me in wreaths and I’m going to try to keep one on our door all year. This one is simple, but cheap – the actually wreath was $3 from Wal-Mart and the ribbon I used to make the bow – pink for V-Day – I’ve had for years. I’m hoping to update the wreath monthly/seasonally. Stay tuned!


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