Marker – 2 years in 307!

Just wanted to note that we have been living in this apartment for two years as of this last weekend. It seems crazy (but not at all at the same time) that we’ve been here for that long. Days go by…

This apartment symbolizes in so many ways God’s provision for us. We got such a steal on the price, the space is perfect for us and, little did we know it when we moved in, but Snow-maggedon was about to hit D.C. and I think being trapped for three days in our other apartment might have done us in. So that’s one thing that this apartment has helped us survive. The other is grad school. It’s been so wonderful for Alex to have an office with a door and space to keep his ever-growing collection of books.

The kitchen’s way small and the kitchen floor is getting creakier every day, the windows are drafty, our upstairs neighbor’s are loud, but we have an actual laundry room, a dining corner with actual space to host friends for dinner without having to move the couch out of the way, and two bedrooms and two bathrooms for a fantastic price.

Perhaps we’ll be here another 2 years, perhaps not. Either way – 307 – it’s been a great first two. Thanks.


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