wheaton wedding weekend

after a shameful absence…I return!

I took a weekend trip to Wheaton [home] to attend a dear friend’s wedding. While there I was able to spend precious time with my parents and siblings as well as other close friends and able to enjoy a little bit of Wheaton in the fall. But the wedding was especially special because it gave me a chance to re-connect with the lovely ladies pictured below.

It’s weird to look at these pictures and realize that we’re all married. We met each other before any of us had even kissed a boy – back in fifth grade in Sunday school at College Church. Since then we’ve spent what would probably amount to days worth of time talking about boys and our weddings and what we thought each other’s husbands would be like at sleepovers and church retreats and Bible Studies. And even though our lives have gone in different directions and (after this weekend) we all live in separate states, I love these girls and know that they’ll be there for me if I need them. Tonight, I thank God for fifth grade Sunday school and College Church.


One thought on “wheaton wedding weekend

  1. So after just discovering your blog today… I was looking through past posts and found this one. It has warmed my heart. I love you Laura and look forward to the day our paths cross again. I, too, am thankful for life long friends I found at College Church. 🙂

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