A Capitol Fourth – all things America

[a little late, but better now than never]

Last summer for the fourth of July my family came down to visit and they rented a house just outside of Williamsburg, Virginia. We spent the day in Williamsburg and then saw incredible fireworks. This year since my brother just moved to California and my sister was on a missions trip in Italy, Alex and I were on our own for the holiday and I thought it would be only fitting if we went to D.C. to see the legendary show.

Providentially, our beloved Chicago Cubs were in town to play the Washington Nationals so we started off our day with the most American icon of them all, baseball. Our friends – Tammy and Dave – were interested in joining us which added to our  fun. It was really hot, but we had great seats, and despite the Cubs loss and mild sunburn – it was a great start to our day.

After the game we walked back to our car and picked up the picnic we had packed. [P.S. if you go to Nationals’ Stadium on the weekend, don’t pay for parking – there is plenty of free parking south and east of Capitol Hill] We then walked up Capitol Hill to the West Lawn. We enjoyed our picnic (I sat on our apple pie – another great American tradition – still good, just a little smooshed) and the free Capitol Fourth concert that is broadcast on PBS which included Little Richard!! Still alive and still an American legend.

The concert concluded with the 1812 overture (cannon’s and all) and the fireworks started. We could barely see them over the top of the Washington monument and the giant smoke cloud the ensued blocked our view as well, but it was neat none the less. After they concluded, we made a mad dash to our car which was parked a convenient three blocks away and bolted out of the city. On our way into Maryland, we could see fireworks all up and down the river – it was quite a site and totally made up for the sub-par view we had on the West Lawn.

All told – even with dropping off our friends – we were home at 10:10. It was a feat – HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!


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