Things I love – Weddings

Weddings are truly one of my most favorite things. I’ve always secretly (and not so secretly at times) wanted to be a wedding planner. I’ve watched The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez more times than I can count and even though I’ve been married for almost two years, I still look at wedding magazines and websites at least a few times a month.

This weekend Alex graciously tagged along (and drove me most of the way!) to Cleveland, Ohio were we spent Saturday at the wedding of one of my college roommates. She was lovely, the details were lovely, and the wedding was fantastic. Weddings are such an amazing place for creativity and she definitely displayed hers. She used one of my current favorite color schemes – wine, cream, and light green and she carried a heart theme and poem by e.e. Cummings all the way through, which was so unique! And she did something I had never seen before – she handmade advice books for every table that the guests could write in during the reception. Our table had a blast with it!

Overall a wonderful, memorable weekend with great friends, a beautiful bride, and my fabulous husband.

I am so blessed!


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