Our Adventures with AllSecretRecipes.com

We enjoying cooking together and we enjoy new recipes. So, I found this website: http://allsecretrestaurantrecipes.com/  that promised to contain recipes from fast food and well-known chain restaurants.

We started with this one: http://allsecretrestaurantrecipes.com/panda-express-recipes/panda-express-orange-flavored-chicken-secret-recipe/. It was fun to make, allowed us to meet our neighbors when we discovered we didn’t have enough soy sauce, and tasted good both fresh and left-over (always a plus!). We’ll probably add it to our meal rotation, but if we make it again, we’ll be adding red pepper flakes to give it the kick that Panda Express orange chicken has. Meal number 1 from AllSecretRecipes.com = success.

Then we went to this one http://allsecretrestaurantrecipes.com/cajun-cafes-recipes/cajun-cafes-bourbon-chicken-secret-recipe/. Bourbon chicken is one of Alex’s favorites and I was really excited to make it. So we followed the recipe, and unfortunately, it WAS AWFUL – literally no flavor. Alex slathered it in hot sauce to make it palatable, but it was just bad. Meal number 2 from AllSecretRecipes.com = FAILURE.

Top image – from AllSecretRecipes.com and bottom image what the recipe produced. I mean seriously, these don’t even look like the same thing. Which means we won’t be using that site again anytime soon and we’re still in search of a good bourbon chicken recipe.


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