Things I like about 307 Duke Street

We didn’t start out in 307. 408, our first home as husband and wife, was so little!  It had a bedroom door that closed and a pretty good sized bathroom but that was about all it had to boast. storage space was pretty much non-existent and we could never get the living room/dining room right despite multiple attempts at re-arranging.

Six months into our lease, God blessed us with a great deal in the same complex! We got 300 more square feet for just $3o more a month! And we didn’t have to break our lease! So we moved into 307, our first real home!

It’s not perfect, but here’s what I like about it:

…its price, for its space. We have two bedrooms (which is so convenient for Alex to have study space!) and two bathrooms for a price that’s un-heard-of in this area

…its windows. the first time I saw it, I knew having four windows in an apartment would be a good things for us

…its views. We can see New Town (our affectionate name for non-old town, downtown Alexandria) which is almost 3 miles away, and we have huge trees out three of our four windows

…its location. I love that we can walk to (if we want) – a CVS, a post-office, a grocery store, a 7-11, 2 pubs, our library, a barber, a hairdresser, mcdonald’s, and a park with tennis courts

…its little kitchen. 7.5′ by 7.5′. Thats it. Most days I hate having to jam stuff in cupboards and not having any prep space, but I know this will be the smallest kitchen I ever have so I try to treasure it. I actually am amazed that all the essentials fit!

Thanks 307 for being a great first home!


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